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As one of Switzerland’s largest trade fair venues, the BERNEXPO GROUP welcomes around one million visitors every year. Here is what some of our clients have to say about us.

Kunde / Veranstalter: Ratssekretariat des Stadtrats Bern
Anlass: Parlamentssitzung
Durchführung: 1 Tag, Januar 2021
Location: Festhalle
Anzahl Besuchende: 90 Teilnehmende

Kunde / Veranstalter: Schweizerischer Verband Kommunale Infrastruktur
Anlass: Digitale Fachveranstaltung
Durchführung: 1 Tag, Januar 2021
Location: Kongressraum 1
Anzahl Besuchende: 5 Teilnehmende vor Ort, 300 online

Kunde / Veranstalter: BERNEXPO AG
Anlass: Aufzeichnung digitaler KickOff SINDEX
Durchführung: 2 Tage, Januar 2021
Location: Halle 3.2

Kunde / Veranstalter: BERNEXPO AG
Anlass: KickOff digitale Fachmesse
Durchführung: 1 Tag, November 2020
Location: "Studio 7"
Anzahl Besuchende: 6 Teilnehmende vor Ort, 120 online

Kunde / Veranstalter: Swiss Sailing
Anlass: Digitale Generalversammlung
Durchführung: 1 Tag, November 2020
Location: Kongressraum 1
Anzahl Besuchende: 5 Teilnehmende vor Ort, 120 online

Kunde / Veranstalter: Reformierte Kirchen Bern-Jura-Solothurn
Anlass: Hybride Synode
Durchführung: 1 Tag, November 2020
Location: Kongressraum 1 & 2
Anzahl Besuchende: 40 Teilnehmende vor Ort, 170 online

Kunde / Veranstalter: Demant Schweiz AG
Anlass: Digitaler Kongress
Durchführung: 1 Tag, Oktober 2020
Location: Kongressraum 1
Anzahl Besuchende: 30 Teilnehmende vor Ort, 320 online

"Unser Fokus bestand darin, das Herofest und die dazugehörige SwitzerLAN online durchzuführen und einem ausgewählten Publikum eine Teilnahme live vor Ort zu ermöglichen. Wir sind froh, für beide Events zusammen mit der BERNEXPO einen sicheren Weg gefunden zu haben und die Communities zusammenzubringen."

Ron Morrow, Projektleiter HeroFest/MYI 
> zum Videorückblick Herofest

Kunde / Veranstalter: BERNEXPO AG
Anlass: Festival für Gaming, Esports und Cosplay
Durchführung: 9 Tage, Oktober 2020
Location: Hallen 3.0 & 3.2
Anzahl Besuchende: 150 Personen live, über 300'000 Einschaltungen und rund 1.6 Mio. Watched Minutes

"On behalf of the Faculty of Medicine in Bern, we would like to extend our most sincere thanks for the fantastic support and flawless organisation of our June examinations. Everything ran like clockwork despite the difficult conditions (COVID-19). We’ll be more than happy to return!"

Claudia Glauser and Andreas Beschorner, examination organisation team for the Institute for Medical Education

Client/event organiser: Faculty of Medicine of the University of Bern
Event: examination
Event details: seven days, June to August 2020
Location: Hall 4.1
Number of visitors: 2,000

"Centrally located, easy to reach by public transport and close to the motorway, BERNEXPO is the ideal choice for trade fairs welcoming guests from across the country."

Jean-Daniel Goetschi, CEO Expotrans Ltd

Client/event organiser: Expotrans SA
Event: specialist trade fair
Event details: four days, November 2019
Location: Full BERNEXPO site
Number of visitors: 35,500

"The partnership with BERNEXPO is a key factor in our organisation’s success. A major event like the Bern Grand Prix comes with very high and diverse infrastructure requirements – BERNEXPO does a great job of meeting all of these requirements and goes the extra mile to make every request possible. The support provided by the team is very professional, straightforward and friendly across the board."

Beatrice Born, manager of the Bern Grand Prix

Client/event organiser: Bern Grand Prix
Event: running event
Event details: one day, May 2019
Number of visitors: 32,000 runners/30,000 spectators
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"Once again, it was a fantastic collaboration. We received proactive support and the whole approach was consistently focused on finding solutions. Both before and after the event, we were always able to count on the professional support provided by our contacts at BERNEXPO."

Michel Zeiter, Regional Manager, Central Market

Client/event organiser: Swiss Mobiliar Insurance Company Ltd.
Event: national employee party
Event details: one day, April 2019
Location: Halls 2.2, 3.0 and 3.2
Number of visitors: 5,000

"Right from the word go, we really felt that we were working hand in hand with a partner towards the common objective of organising a successful and experience-packed event. Even when adjustments or changes had to be made at short notice, BERNEXPO did everything in its power to comply with our requests quickly and with an eye to finding a solution."

Markus Zurbuchen, project manager at Stargarage AG

Client/event organiser: Stargarage AG
Event: concert
Event details: one day, December 2018
Location: Hall 4.1
Number of people: 7,500

"The ground-level access, the large entrances for suppliers leading directly to the hall and the service-oriented collaboration with BERNEXPO were all huge advantages. The central location proved ideal for our guests. Hall 4 was the perfect setting to complement the funfair mood."

Josef Sommer, Head of the LANDI division and the Central and Eastern Switzerland region

Client/event organiser: fenaco cooperative
Event: company anniversary
Event details: one day, September 2018
Location: Hall 4.1
Number of visitors: 1,500

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