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Client / Organiser: Mobiliar AG
Implementation: 1 day, August 2023
Location: Hall 2.2 / 3.2
Number of visitors: 600

Client / Organiser: Gadget / LiveNation
Implementation: July 2023
Location: Outdoor area
Number of visitors: 30'000

Client / Organiser: energiecheck Bern AG
Implementation: 1 day, June 2023
Location: Curling hall
Number of visitors: 400

Client: G.U.S. Productions AG
Occasion: Anniversary
Implementation : 1 day, september 2022
Location: Hall 4.1
Number of visitors: 700 people

Client: University Psychiatric Services Bern (UPS)
Occasion: Corparate event
Implementation : 1 day, august 2022
Location: Hall 4.1
Number of visitors: 700 people

Client: SwissSkills
Occasion: SwissSkills
Implementation : 1 day, september 2022
Location: Entire BERNEXPO area
Number of visitors: 120’000 people

Client / Organizer: BERNEXPO
Occasion: BEA Opening
Implementation: 1 day, April 2022
Location: Congress centre
Number of visitors: 700 people

Client / Organizer: Raiffeisen
Occasion: General assembly
Implementation: 1 Tag, December 2021
Location: Hall 2.2
Number of visitors: 300 people

Client / Organizer: MUVEO GmbH
Implementation: 2 days, August 2021
Location: Plenary room & Foyer 2 Nord
Number of visitors: 30 exhibitors + 100 people

Customer / Organizer: BERNEXPO AG
Implementation: 2 days, May 2021
Location: Hall 1.2
Number of visitors: 50 people on site, 2'700 online

Client / Organizer: Swiss Association of Technical Stage and Event Professions Bern
Occasion: Project Swiss Education Showcase "Next Generation 2021"
Implementation: February 2021
Location: Hall 2.0
Number of visitors: 120 people online

Client / Organizer: Council Secretariat of the City Council of Bern
Occasion: Parliamentary session
Implementation: 1 day, January 2021
Location: Festhalle
Number of visitors: 90 participants

Customer / Organizer: BERNEXPO AG
Occasion: Recording digital KickOff SINDEX
Realization: 2 days, January 2021
Location: Hall 3.2

Client / Organizer: BERNEXPO AG
Occasion: Festival for gaming, esports and cosplay
Implementation: 9 days, October 2020
Location: Halls 3.0 & 3.2
Number of visitors: 150 people live, more than 300,000 insertions and about 1.6 million watched minutes

Client/event organiser: Faculty of Medicine of the University of Bern
Event: examination
Event details: seven days, June to August 2020
Location: Hall 4.1
Number of visitors: 2,000

Client/event organiser: Expotrans SA
Event: specialist trade fair
Event details: four days, November 2019
Location: Full BERNEXPO site
Number of visitors: 35,500

Client/event organiser: Bern Grand Prix
Event: running event
Event details: one day, May 2019
Number of visitors: 32,000 runners/30,000 spectators
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Client/event organiser: Swiss Mobiliar Insurance Company Ltd.
Event: national employee party
Event details: one day, April 2019
Location: Halls 2.2, 3.0 and 3.2
Number of visitors: 5,000

Client/event organiser: Stargarage AG
Event: concert
Event details: one day, December 2018
Location: Hall 4.1
Number of people: 7,500

Client/event organiser: fenaco cooperative
Event: company anniversary
Event details: one day, September 2018
Location: Hall 4.1
Number of visitors: 1,500

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